What time is it in Jordan?

It is morning in Jordan, friday december 1 2023

Presented above you can see what time it is in Jordan right now. If you are unsure of which day it is, this information is also displayed, both the date and the time of day it is in Jordan are displayed. That is, whether it is morning, in the middle of the day, in the evening or night time in Jordan right now. The information about both time and date is automatically updated every second, and constantly shows you the correct time and date in Jordan.

About Jordan as a country

Jordan is a small country located in the Middle East. Despite its small size, Jordan is home to a rich culture and a diverse population. The Jordanian people are known for their hospitality and their love of music and dance.

Jordan is a monarchy, and the king is the head of state. The current king, Abdullah II, has been in power since 1999. Jordan is a relatively stable country, and it has strong ties to the United States and other Western countries.

Jordan's economy is based largely on agriculture and tourism. The country has many ancient ruins and historical sites that attract tourists from around the world. Jordan also has several well-known resorts, including Aqaba on the Red Sea.

Jordan is a member of the United Nations and several other international organizations. It has worked closely with the United States and other countries to promote peace and stability in the region.

Map of Jordan

Below you you can find a map of Jordan, where you can see where in the world that Jordan is located.