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What time is it in Equatorial Guinea?

It is morning in Equatorial Guinea, friday december 1 2023

Presented above you can see what time it is in Equatorial Guinea right now. If you are unsure of which day it is, this information is also displayed, both the date and the time of day it is in Equatorial Guinea are displayed. That is, whether it is morning, in the middle of the day, in the evening or night time in Equatorial Guinea right now. The information about both time and date is automatically updated every second, and constantly shows you the correct time and date in Equatorial Guinea.

About Equatorial Guinea as a country

Equatorial Guinea is a small country located on the west coast of central Africa. It's bordered by Cameroon to the north and Gabon to the east and south. The country is made up of two main islands, Bioko (formerly Fernando Po) and Annobón, and a number of smaller islands.

Map of Equatorial Guinea

Below you you can find a map of Equatorial Guinea, where you can see where in the world that Equatorial Guinea is located.