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How much would you weigh on the Sun calculator

1 lbs on Earth = 27.92 lbs on the Sun

Of course no one can walk the surface of the Sun, but isn't it a neat experiment to figure out how much one would weigh if made possible to walk on the surface of the Sun?

Converter between perceived weight on Earth and the Sun

Feel free to test our converter between perceived weight on Earth and on the Sun, it converts automatically when you type in one of the fields. Here you can easily enter how much you weigh (on Earth) and find out how much it would feel like you weigh if you were on the Sun's surface.

lbs on Earth
lbs on the Sun
Our own star, the Sun, with the Universe in the background.

Our own star, the Sun, with the Universe in the background

Some words on "weight" on the Sun and Earth

In order to understand what the meaning is when one speaks about how much one "weighs" on the Sun, you first have to get familiar with the concepts of mass and weight. We have written a longer explanation about this on our subpage about how much one weighs on the moon, you can check it out here: How much do I weigh on the Moon? But the gist of it is that what we are talking about is perceived weight, not how much one actually "weigh" expressed in for example the SI unit for mass (which is kilograms).

Written by Steve Thompson

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