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How many words of characters in my text?

Below you can paste any text and quickly and easily see how many words and characters (including spaces) it consists of. Knowing how long a text is, both in terms of number of words and number of characters, is very useful when writing for example an essay or an important email.

Other tools to use when writing texts

Did you know that we who created also have created other tools dedicated to improving ones language and textual skills? We love creating these kinds of services, always free of charge, that people can use in the everyday lives to improve on their writing.

Using example sentences to write better texts

One thing that is useful when writing a text are knowing how to use different words. A good way to do this is to see how words are commonly used in everyday sentences, ie, look at sentences that include the word in question and examine how it is used. We created a website for doing just this: On it we have mapped all common (and uncommon) English words and matched them to hundreds of thousands of example sentences, and wrapped this in an easy to use website that include a rapid search function to quickly find words or example sentences.

Using synonyms to improve word variation in texts

Another important way to improve ones text is to use synonyms, meaning the impose the use of words of the same (or similar) meaning as another word. So instead of using the same word over and over in a text, it's much better to vary the text some and use other words - that still mean the same thing, synonyms! And of course we created a website that helps with just this: On this site we have cross matched thousands of words and constructed a search engine that makes it easy to locate words and their synonyms (and also antonyms).

Written by Steve Thompson

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