A website for the curious - Know Stuff!

Welcome to KnowStuff.org! This website was created with all curious people in mind, in an attempt to cater to all of the curious thoughts that might pop up in the average persons mind. The website is and will always be in development, as is also the nature of curiosity!

How much do you weigh on different planets?

One section of our site that is very popular is the one where you can calculate how much you would weigh on different planets in our solar system, for example how much you would weigh on the Moon, on Mars och even on Pluto. We even have a section where you can calculate how much you would weigh if you could walk on the surface of the Sun! 🤩

Other smart calculators

Another popular section is the one with other smart calculators and tools, like for example this one that let's you figure out how many words and characters there are in a given text.

Article section

Or maybe ju have just come here to browse our article section, which hold tons of articles on different topics and current events spanning several years back. You can find the most recent articles in the top menu under "Articles".